A Periodontist Describes Symptoms of Gum Disease

A Periodontist Describes Symptoms of Gum Disease from Brighton Specialty Dental Group in Ventura, CAFor gum disease questions, a periodontist is a good professional to consult. Often, people focus on preventing cavities to maintain good oral health. This is certainly crucial, but you cannot forget about preventing periodontitis. This disease can affect not only your gums but your teeth and jawbone as well. Signs and symptoms of this condition can manifest during the early stages. It is helpful to understand what some of these are.

Periodontitis: what it is and what the effects are

Gum disease occurs when bacteria in the mouth invade and attack the gums. The condition can destroy this tissue and even cause teeth to fall out. Bone loss can also take place, which can change the shape of the person’s face. Infections can also spread throughout the mouth and face and even get into the bloodstream.

The most effective way to battle and prevent gum disease is to brush and floss regularly. A lack of these oral hygiene habits will cause the bacteria to turn into plaque and tartar. It can be a painful condition. Gum disease can start out with minor symptoms but turn into more serious issues.

Inflamed, swollen gums

A periodontist can diagnose a person with gum disease. But it does not also take a professional to identify that this condition is affecting the patient. An individual may readily notice that the gums are suffering the attacks of bacteria. One of the most common symptoms is inflammation in the gums. The gums may become red and puffy as well.

Bleeding gums

It is not uncommon for a person’s gums to bleed. If this happens frequently, however, the individual should see a periodontist right away. Bleeding gums mean that the beginning stages of gum disease have started. The gums may bleed while the person is brushing, flossing, or eating. Some people’s gums may even bleed at other times, such as when speaking or even while not engaging in activities that use the mouth.

Loose teeth

As gum disease advances, more severe problems can start. The gums may start to pull away from the teeth, causing the teeth to become loose. A periodontist should provide treatment promptly if this is happening. Loose teeth can fall out, requiring replacement or other care.


Painful gums can also be a symptom of periodontitis. This can be most evident when the patient is chewing. The gums can also hurt to the touch. For some people with periodontitis, there is constant gum pain, even without touching them. If the pain is persistent and gets worse, the person should contact the periodontist immediately.

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Your periodontist can give you the relief you need

Gum disease is not a condition you should ignore or take lightly. Putting off this visit can lead to significant problems with your oral health. The good news is that you can point out common symptoms and be aware that you may be struggling with this disease. Now is the time to go to the periodontist’s office for treatment. Make an appointment today so you can heal.

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