Post-operative Instructions

  • For Discomfort:
    •  If you have been prescribed any narcotic pain medications (such as Vicodin, Coedine, Norco, Hydrocodone,
      Oxytocine, etc.), please be aware that these medications, while they are better in controlling pain, may make you
      drowsy. Please refrain from driving, operating heavy machinery, or making any important decisions while under
      the influence of the medication. These medications should also be taken with food.
    • Most patients are given Toradol after surgery. You can start taking the prescribed medication after 5 hours.
    • Take the prescribed pain medication for the first two days after the surgery even if you do not experience
      discomfort. It is harder to stop pain when it starts.
  •  For Swelling:
    •  Arnica Montana 30C – Start taking Arnica 5 days prior to surgery. Place 5 tablets under the tongue at least three
      times a day until it dissolves, continue to take 5 days after surgery.
      •  Bromelain 500mg – Start on the day of the surgery. Take 1 tablet twice a day for seven days/
      •  Turmeric 300 mg – Start on the day of the surgery. Take 1 tablet three times a day for seven days.
      • Place the provided ice pack in the area of surgery for 15-20 minutes on and 15-20 minutes off at a time for the first
        24 hours to minimize swelling.
  • Bleeding Prevention/In Case of Bleeding
    •  DO NOT rinse or spit on the first day; they will for a vacuum in the mouth and cause bleeding.
    •  Smoking and drinking alcohol is not advised on the first week of surgery.
    • Do not drink from a straw.
    • No strenuous activity; no lifting over 10 lbs.; Do not lift or pull on the lip to look at the suture.
    • Slight oozing is expected on the first few days. A moist, regular tea bag applied to the area may help to stop the
      bleeding. Keep the tea bag in the area for at least 20 minutes. If bleeding persists, please call the office
    • After a sinus lift, you are not allowed to blow your nose to prevent the air from irritating the sinus; after a sinus lift,
      it is recommended to use a pillow for a few days and not lie flat after surgery; it is also recommended not to take
      an airplane trip or swim for at least a week. If you sneeze, do it with your mouth open to avoid unnecessary
      ***DO NOT use a waterpik or electric toothbrush until instructed.
  • Eating
    • Nutrition is important to the healing of surgery. Eat a well-balanced diet.
    • Do not eat until the anesthetic wears off.
    • Eat lukewarm and semi-solid food and stay away from salads, hot and spicy foods and meats.
  • Brushing: Meticulous oral hygiene will promote faster healing and prevent potential infection
    • 1st day – Dip the red toothbrush in the prescribed mouthwash and use it to clean your whole mouth.
    •  2nd day to 7th day – You can resume using your regular toothbrush and toothpaste except on the surgery site.
      Gently brush the teeth involved in the surgery if not covered with a dressing with the red toothbrush dipped in the
      prescribed solution.
  •  Medication
    • Take the full course of the prescribed antibiotic until gone.
      **If the antibiotics or other prescribed medication have any ill-effects, please stop taking the antibiotics and call us
  • Dressing/Bone Graft Material
    • If the surgical areal has been covered with a dressing, it is possible that either part or all of it might fall.
    • It is expected that a little of the excess bone particles to work its way out of the site as it heals. If the sutures are
      loose and there are a lot of bone particles coming out, please call our office.
    •  Do not apply pressure with your tongue or fingers to the grafted area as the material is moveable during the initial
  • Emergency Phone Number:  (818) 703-7733 or (805) 644-5284