At Brighton Specialty Dental Group, we want to make your visit to our office more convenient and less stressful by assisting you with ways to pay for your care. We accomplish that by handling the financial aspect of your treatment plan prior to your surgery or other procedure.

We work with most PPO plans and will provide you with an estimate of the cost of your visit and of the amount your insurance may cover. Please keep in mind that while we are happy to assist you with filing your claim and maximizing your benefits, we cannot guarantee payment by your insurance company. We ask that you contact your insurance provider prior to your visit with our dentists and confirm your coverage. Any co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses are due at the time of your visit. If you are seeing our team for a dental emergency or for a single visit, payment is due in full at that time. For your convenience, our office accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Visa, Mastercard and Discover
  • Outside financing

If you are seeing us, for multiple appointments, we do have payment options available to you.

  • You can save 5% on the cost of your treatment by paying up front in full prior to the appointment
  • You can also divide your balance into three payments by auto-debit
    • First payment-required to make the initial appointment.
    • Second payment-auto debited one month after your first visit.
    • Third payment-auto debited two months following your first visit.
  • We can also work with you on finding an outside company to help you finance your dental care

If you’d like to set up a different payment arrangment or if you would like to make a dental appointment in Ventura, California, with Dr. Homayoun Zadeh and associates, please contact a member of our team today at 805-644-5284.