When it comes to cosmetic improvements to your smile, the most affordable and conservative option you have at your fingertips is dental bonding. This treatment is perfect for fixing minor tooth damage as well as correct issues with size and spacing. Give us a call at Brighton Specialty Dental Group in Ventura California to learn more about dental bonding. You can schedule a visit with our dentists, Dr. Homayoun H. Zadeh and associates, by calling 805-644-5284 today.

dental bondingWith dental bonding, you can improve your smile immediately. The bonding process involves our dentist and dental team placing a composite resin material onto the tooth structure directly.

In just one visit to our office for the bonding process, our skilled dentists and team place a malleable, putty-like composite resin applied directly onto the tooth’s structure. Our dentist then shapes and sculpts this material to conform to your tooth to fix unsightly flaws. Once the composite resin is hardened, trimmed and polished, it will provide your tooth with a long-lasting aesthetic result.

Typically, there is very little to no need for preparing the tooth so you can count on your visit to be comfortable and timely. If you have gaps or spaces between teeth, dental bonding can close these as well as restore misshapen, chipped or cracked teeth. Dental bonding is ideal for lightening discolored or stained teeth as the composite shading can be matched to the tooth’s original color to look natural, or lighter if you want to whiten the tooth.

To learn more about cosmetic dental bonding with our skilled dentists, please give us a call and find out how your smile can be dramatically improved!