A lost tooth will eventually result in a loss of mass in your jawbone. This is because the root of your tooth receives pressure from biting and chewing. That pressures strengthens your jawbone and keeps it healthy. Without that tooth, that area of your jaw begins to resorb or deteriorate. In the past, a person who had lost a significant amount of bone mass in their jaw would not have been a candidate for dental implants. However, at Brighton Specialty Dental Group, our dentists, Dr. Homayoun H. Zadeh and associates can add new bone tissue to your jaw with a treatment known as bone grafting in Ventura, California. This procedure can give you a healthier and stronger jaw and enhance your appearance.

A bone graft is used to address problems in the jaw, and are often used by our dentists to prepare a patient for a dental implant to replace the tissue lost to a missing tooth, a trauma or disease. The best tissue for a bone graft comes from your own body and can be taken from other areas of your jaw, your hip or from the area just below your knee; however, we can also obtain the needed bone from a tissue bank. We can also use processes known as guided bone or tissue regeneration. This involves adding a tissue graft to the site under the gum to help the graft knit together with the existing bone.