If you are having dental implants our dentists may need to move the nerve that gives feeling to the lower lip and the chin. This is considered a very aggressive approach and is reserved for instances in which you are missing some of the molars in your lower jaw. Whenever possible our team will choose a less invasive method of addressing your issue.

If nerve positioning will be a part of your implant placement you will be given a general anesthesia or placed under IV sedation. During your visit our dentists will remove a section of the jawbone and pull the nerve and vessel canal aside. After the implants have been placed the nerves and vessels are put back into position, a bone graft is placed and the surgical site is then closed. Ideally, that bone graft will be taken from another part of your body such as your hip, knee or from another portion of your jaw, or we can obtain material from a tissue bank. You should follow your dentist’s instructions for post-operative care; and plan on spending at least one day resting and recovering and a week with limited activity.

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