If you have a tooth extracted or have suffered damage to you’re the jawbone beneath the gums, or dentists may suggest improving your oral health with a treatment known as ridge augmentation in Ventura, California. A ridge augmentation is an adjustment to alveolar ridge, which is the area of the jawbone around the root of your tooth. After you lose a tooth or have a tooth extracted, the bone and tissue in the socket that is left behind will fill in and the socket will heal. However, if that area is damaged it will deteriorate and cause problems for your smile. Our dentists may want to rebuild that area to restore the appearance of your smile or to prepare you for a dental implant.

If the dentist decides that a ridge augmentation is needed, they will place a bone graft in the socket, often right after an extraction. That graft will be covered by gum tissue and the dentist may also place material on the area to restore it to its former dimensions. The socket will be allowed to heal and then the implant process can begin. This treatment usually requires a local anesthetic.

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