Your sinuses are air-filled pockets that are found behind your forehead your nose and eyes and even your cheeks. They help you speak and produce the mucus that keeps the inside of your nose moist and clean. For some people the roots of their upper teeth reach into the sinuses and that area can become vulnerable if those teeth are lost or extracted. If you are receiving dental implants to replace your upper molars, our dentists, Dr. Homa H. Zadeh and associates may want to perform a sinus augmentation in Ventura, California. This treatment can also be used in cases in which the bone has been compromised due to gum disease.

To perform a sinus augmentation the dentist will make an incision at your back teeth to get access to the jawbone. The dentist pushes the thin layer of membrane protecting the sinuses upward and then add the grafting material, either harvested or donated bone tissue or a synthetic replacement is added to the area. The area is allowed to heal and the implant process can then begin. In cases in which there is enough bone mass between the upper jaw and the sinus, the ridge augmentation and implant placement may be done in a single visit.

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