When you visit Brighton Specialty Dental Group you will be seen by one of our outstanding dentists, Dr. Homa H. Zadeh and associates. You will receive gentle and effective care, but it is also imperative that you follow a strong oral hygiene regimen at home to ensure that your smile remains healthy. Take some time to review the tips below and if you would like to make an appointment to learn more about oral hygiene in Ventura, California, call 805-644-5284 today to speak with a member of our team.

You should brush your teeth at least two times each day: once in the morning and once at night. You should spend a minimum of two minutes brushing. It is a good idea to brush between meals, but you should wait thirty minutes after you eat to give your saliva time to neutralize the acids in your food.

Start with your upper teeth, cleaning the fronts of your teeth first, followed by the backs. Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and brush in short circular motions. When cleaning your front teeth, hold the toothbrush vertically and use up-and-down strokes. Repeat this process for the lower teeth. Do not forget to clean the biting and chewing surfaces of your teeth.

Flossing is important for cleaning area of your smile that your toothbrush cannot reach, such as the areas between your teeth. It does not matter if you brush or floss first, so long as you do a thorough and careful job of both.

Start with approximately 18 inches of floss. Wrap the majority of it around your thumbs and forefingers, leaving about three inches to work with. Start by flossing your upper teeth followed by your lower teeth. Begin by flossing your molars and work your way forward. Wrap the floss around each side of your tooth and floss under and then away from your gumline. You should use a fresh section of floss for each tooth and discard the floss when you are done. Be sure to rinse your mouth to remove any loosened food particles. If you feel discomfort when brushing or flossing, talk with Dr. Zadeh about products that can help you keep your smile healthy.

If you are confused about which dental products are right for your smile our dentists and team will be happy to see you and make some recommendations. Since not two smiles are alike, our dentists will suggest products that will specifically benefit you. These products can include:

  • Toothbrushes, such as electric toothbrushes, or regular toothbrushes that may offer certain features designed to clean your smile.
  • Dental floss or interdental cleaners
  • Toothpastes that contain fluoride, a whitening agent, or ingredients designed to remove plaque and tartar
  • Mouthwashes that can reduce plaque, freshen breath, or combat periodontal disease.