For a healthy bite you need a full complement of undamaged teeth. You teeth can be worn down by uneven or improper wear, which can be brought on by teeth loosened by periodontal disease or by improper alignment. If your teeth are showing uneven wear or even damaged, or if you are experiencing jaw pain, or headaches, you can contact Brighton Specialty Dental Group at 805-644-5284 to make an appointment for a bite adjustment in Ventura, California with our dentists, Dr. Homa H. Zadeh.

Orthodontic treatment is often used to correct a bad bite. A bite splint or a mouthguard can be used to prevent further tooth damage. Restorative dentistry can be used to improve the problem or more commonly, our dentists may reshape the biting and chewing surfaces of the teeth to help them come together properly and avoid dental damage. Our dentists will be happy to meet with you to help you understand your treatment options.