One of the most important functions of your gums is to protect the roots of your teeth from decay and protect your body from the bacteria found in your mouth and in the plaque on your teeth. If your gums are receding due to periodontal disease, our dentists may recommend a soft-tissue or gum graft.

Receding gums not only make your teeth vulnerable to decay and increase your chances periodontal disease, they may also give your smile an unsightly appearance and cause sensitivity to cold, hot or sweet foods and beverages. Increased tooth sensitivity may make it more difficult to brush or floss properly.
To perform a gum graft, your dentist will remove a small piece of gum tissue from another part of your mouth. Frequently, this tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth and sutured in place. This graft can restore the appearance of a tooth, protect the root and help to keep your teeth in their proper places.
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