At Brighton Specialty Dental Group, our dentists, Dr. Homa H. Zadeh and associates, and our team believe in embracing many forms of medical technology to improve not only patient treatment but oral and dental health as well. Our practice uses bone morphogenetic protein in Ventura, California, to create new bone and cartilage mass. This process is extremely useful for those patients who have experienced deterioration in the jawbone or who need a sinus or ridge augmentation. The treatment may benefit potential implant candidates, patients who have experienced advanced periodontal disease or those who have had multiple tooth extractions.

The process was actually pioneered in 1965 and has been improved upon since then. The isolated protein essentially causes certain cells in the human body to form new bone and cartilage. During the surgical procedure, a collagen sponge is soaked with the protein and then placed in the surgical site. As the patient heals, the sponge dissolves, leaving the protein behind. This triggers the cells to start generating the needed cartilage or bone. Once the regeneration process has begun, the protein will dissipate. Through the use of bone morphogenetic protein in Ventura, California, we can eliminate the need for a bone graft and the process of harvesting bone tissue from the patient.

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