Damage from tooth decay or trauma needs to be addressed before the bacteria in your mouth infects your tooth, or they decay reaches a point at which the tooth cannot be saved. In some instances, the damage may be too large for a filling, but not quite bad enough to require a crown. If this is the case for you, our dentists may want to address the problem with dental inlay or onlay.

The end of your tooth is called the cusps. The cusps are located on the biting or chewing surface of a tooth. They are most noticeable on your molars and premolars as the ridges on those teeth. They can be made of gold, porcelain or the same composite resin used in tooth-colored fillings. Porcelain and resin fillings have become popular over the years because those materials match the surface of the tooth. A dental inlay is similar to a filling and is used when the damage or decay has not reached the cusp. If the cusp is involved, the dentist will use a dental onlay.

During your first visit to our office the dentist will prepare the tooth for the inlay or onlay which may include removing tooth decay or a filling. An impression will be made of your tooth and the area will be sealed. That impression will be used to create the inlay or onlay at a dental lab. When it was finished, the dentist will bond it to the tooth. An inlay or onlay will increase the strength of your tooth and can last for many years with the proper care.

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