One of the easiest ways to replace two or more missing teeth or even an entire dental arch is through dentures. Dentures do more than restore your ability to eat and enhance your smile. They also improve the shape of your face, including your cheeks, lips and face, which will prevent you from looking older than you actually are. At Brighton Specialty Dental Group, our dentists and team offer dentures in Ventura, California, and you can learn more by exploring the links below.

Dentures are removable acrylic appliances designed to replace lost or extremely damaged teeth and restore your smile, your facial structure and you oral functions. They may also be made of porcelain or a combination of acrylic and porcelain. There are two types of dentures: complete dentures which replace an entire dental arch and partial dentures which replace fill in smiles that have some remaining teeth. You may also benefit from immediate dentures or in the case of replacing an entire row of teeth, you may want to discuss implant-supported dentures with our dentists.

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