Our dentists, Dr. Homayoun H. Zadeh and associates provide high-quality dentures and other restorations that can improve your appearance and self-esteem and allow you to eat and speak as you should. With the proper care your dentures can last anywhere between five and eight years. But as time goes on they may begin to show signs of wear. Of course, accidents can happen and your dentures can break. At office, we offer denture relining, rebasing and repair.

Denture Relines
Your dentures are lined to help them fit properly and comfortably. As your gums change with time, you may need to have your dentures relined.

A hard reline should be done at least every two years. The previous liner will be removed and the denture will be used to create an impression of your gums and any remaining teeth. Your denture will then be adjusted and lined to accommodate the changes in your smile.

A soft reline is used if you have tender spots in your gums that make wearing your dentures uncomfortable. This liner is much more comfortable and lasts for two years on average.

If your current liner has become excessively worn, you may be experience problems with your gums such as swelling or a change in their shape. This not only makes your dentures uncomfortable, but it also makes it difficult for our team to take an accurate impression for a hard or soft reline. In this case, our dentists may use a temporary reline to provide you with some relief and allow your gums to return to their natural shape. Once that is done we can proceed with a hard or soft reline.

Denture Rebasing
Dentures can show wear or develop problems in different places. You may find that while the teeth of your denture are in good shape, the base of the denture has become broken, cracked or weak. Our dentists can replace the base of the denture (the pink part) leaving the teeth intact. This process can also be used if you are replacing an immediate denture with a permanent one.

Denture Repair
Dentures can be damaged by daily wear or even broken if exposed to extreme bite force or if they are dropped. If you discover damage to your dentures, you should not try to repair them on your own. Household glues and adhesive contain harmful chemical, and your dentures may not fit as well as they did originally. Instead, call our office for an appointment with our dentists to have your dentures repaired or replaced.

To schedule a denture reline, rebasing or denture repair in Ventura, California, call Brighton Specialty Dental Group at 805-644-5284 today.