How a Prosthodontist Can Help With Geriatric Tooth Replacement

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A prosthodontist can help elderly patients who need tooth replacements. Aging is one of the main causes of tooth loss. Decades of grinding, crunching, and chewing wear the enamel away. Over time, aging teeth break, and gums recede. Senior teeth tend to suffer more from periodontitis, cavities, and tooth loss. To know how a prosthodontist provides geriatric tooth replacement, here are the facts.

Standard geriatric teeth replacements

Senior dental patients see prosthodontists to get replacements. There are many options for geriatric dental restorations. The most common of which are dentures. These removable restorations are the most popular among elderly patients. Dentures should fit the gums of the patient well.

Dentures can cause problems in senior patients. If these prostheses do not fit well, the patient may develop mouth sores. Stomatitis is a common issue. It is tissue inflammation underneath the denture. Poor oral hygiene may cause stomatitis.

Dental bridges can replace geriatric teeth as well. The prosthodontist attaches dental crowns to the opposite sides of the toothless gap. Then, the artificial teeth will occupy the bridge. These teeth will replace the missing teeth.

Geriatric dental patients can also talk to the prosthodontist about dental implants. These teeth replacements are ideal. Elderly patients do not need to remove them before bed anymore. They do not have to worry about the artificial teeth falling off. The patient should be ready for the lengthy procedure. Prosthodontists would often recommend implant-supported dentures for geriatric patients.

Dental crowns are ideal for some elderly patients who still have natural teeth. If those teeth have damage, then the prosthodontist will see if dental crowns can help. A dental crown can fit over a tooth. It can protect the tooth from further damage. A crown can prevent bacteria from damaging the natural teeth as well. With proper care and maintenance, dental crowns can last for a long time.

Replacement fillings are also a choice for geriatric dental patients. Gold, porcelain, and resin are common dental filling materials in the elderly. The prosthodontist can replace fillings with a much stronger type of filling material. Good oral hygiene can make replacement fillings last. Avoiding acidic foods and drinks can help keep the integrity of these fillings.

Considerations in choosing the right geriatric tooth replacement

During the consultation, the prosthodontist must think of a few considerations. Such considerations are saddle areas, soft tissue profile, and the patient’s preferences. The prosthodontist will ask questions to make choosing dental replacements easier. Then, the prosthodontist will start working on the patient’s tooth replacement.

Visit your prosthodontist today

Geriatric patients have special needs when it comes to oral care. Sometimes, it can even be challenging to find the right dental prostheses for them. A prosthodontist can help you choose the right teeth replacement. An appointment with the prosthodontist in your area will start the road to a stronger smile. As a result, you will have better oral health.

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